Hello my name is Janani Barath. Thank you for visiting our website.

My journey with Malgudi Bazaar is all about reclaiming discarded furniture and objects and breathing life and beauty into them. There is a great joy when you are in a business that adds to the environment and our lives in a positive manner.

Everyday I feel energized when I see our carpenters and polishers undertake furniture restoration and breathe life into broken antique pieces of discarded wood. I am thrilled when the eyes of customers light up when they see the finished product. It is a wonderful feeling to work with natural material like wood and see people working with their hands. Very soon I want to learn the art of furniture polishing myself.

I am sure there are many of you who love antique furniture. It is a beautiful feeling to get drenched in nostalgia when you admire the antiques, furniture and collectibles that we have accumulated at our store.

Do reach out to me at janani@malgudibazaar.com or call me on +91-9845808333

Our Mentor

The journey of Malgudi Bazaar would be incomplete without mentioning the role of Mr. Ramachandran, (from The Qurio City Shop) who is my guide and mentor in this journey.

The Qurio City Shop was started by S V Ramachandran in 2006 “out of sheer passion”, Qurio City is named after one of his favourite author’s books, Charles Dickens’ ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’.

Formerly an Indian Air Force employee, Ramachandran has always been passionate about history and heritage. Travelling extensively during his IAF days, he has obtained rare artefacts from all over India, many times by visiting Sunday flea markets. His love for collecting curios stems from his childhood days, and over the years, he has become the proud owner of rare stamps, watches, LPs, paintings, books, and carpets, amongst other things.

Given Ramachandran’s ardent love for all things historic, his shop will leave you spoilt for choice.

Please read what the press has to say about Mr. Ramachandran

An article from LLB website…

Antique lovers and serious collectors look no further than Qurio City for endless collections of period furniture, vintage collectibles, and records. From buttons to phones, wall clocks, rare books, and old posters — they’ve got it all.

Turn Back Time

Started in 2006 by SV Ramachandran, Qurio City is a treasure trove for anyone who loves antiques and history. Having served in the Indian Air Force, Ramachandran ventured into the antiquities business because it gave him the opportunity to revisit his childhood every day. Let not the small shop on Kamaraj Road deter you. In the bylanes behind the shop, Ramachandran has stacked up his wares in godowns and even at his home. If you are a collector or looking for something, Ramachandran encourages you to walk in for a chat. The chances are that he already has it or knows where to find it.

Wood Work

Furniture takes much of the space at all the storage facilities of Qurio City. Ranging from the Art Deco period to around 200 years ago, there is plenty on offer. Gigantic dowry chests, the doors from the house of the Mysore Maharaja’s concubine, and grand vintage cupboards — you can spot it all. While these might be a bit heavy on your pocket, Qurio City is a great place to repurpose old furniture too. So, if you have something of vintage value that you want restored or repurposed, they’ll do it for you. For example, they are currently working on converting a vintage sewing machine into a work desk that will fit beautifully into a small home office. Ramachandran also designs and makes furniture that’s suited to compact apartments. He’ll take a look at your space and offer customised solutions to pretty up your space.

The Collector’s Collection

For those of you looking for knick-knacks, you’ve come to the right place. There are vintage wall clocks and typewriters. There’s also a collection of Super 8MM Movies starring Charlie Chaplin or Laurel & Hardy. For vinyl record collectors, Qurio City has a vast collection and the records are reasonably priced. However, if you want rare records like the first records of Jawaharlal Nehru’s Tryst with Independence, these will cost INR 8,000 upwards. Porcelain ware, vintage portraits, Pokemon cards, and age-old comics are also available.

Source:  https://lbb.in/bangalore/qurio-city-antique-store-bangalore/ (The article has been presented here without any edits.)

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